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News of the day

Sylvester Run in Vienna!

Richard will participate with 6.000 runners at the famous Vienna Sylvester Run 2014.
We wish him luck and a lot of fun.

We will get some photos the next day!

Congratulation - I'm proud of them!

Winter training starts now!

10k, Half-Marathon, Marathon and TriathlonTraining
for the races March and April 2015

Monday morning: Muscle training
Tuesday evening: Intervall training
Wednesday morning or evening: Slow distance run
Thursday: Rest day
Friday morning or evening: Fast run 10k
Saturday: Technical Training
Sunday: Long distance run/ Cross Country

We have Level groups:

Level 1: Beginner 3 times training/week
Level 2: Advanced 4 times training/week
Level 3: Ambitious 5-6 times training/week
Level 4: Professional athletes: individual training - technical, style, speed, target oriented.

Everybody needs his own trainingsplan and will be accompanied with sport and nutrition analysis monthly.