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We work hand in hand with specialists and partners from University, Hospitals and Science according to the latest knowledge. Together with you and your medical advisor, we develop a rehabilitation and training program tailored to your needs.


After the injury is before the injury. The first step is to analyse what was happening. The search for the trigger leads to the realization of what needs to be changed in the future. This requires an adaptation to the new life and training requirements.


The decision to change and adapt to the new life and training situation requires a sustainable, clear decision. After that, the individual goals can be defined in one-on-one discussions and the holistic training plan is created from this.

This takes into account:

  • Training Plan
  • Time Scheduler
  • Define Healthy Marker
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Follow ups / Check Ups
  • Know How Transfer 


The training progress is based on a coordinated health and stress concept according to the method of the heart variability stress program developed by us.