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Cardio Rehabilitation

First is important to understand the cardiovascular system and how it works.

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood vessels, and the approximately 5 litters of blood that the blood vessels transport. Responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and cellular waste products throughout the body is the heart. The heart is a muscle and it's important to reactivate the sensors and power to get fit again.

We have huge success in training cardiovascular patients and bring them back to a normal life. This depends on a cardiovascular training to improve the lungs and heart capacity. The success lies in the mixture of the right elements and measurement of stress moments in body.

Elements of cardiovascular training are:

  • Aqua Training
  • Aerobic and Stretch Training
  • Walking and Running Training
  • Cycling and Swim Training
  • Mental and Motivation Training
  • Nutrition exchange

More oxygen - more energy!

Parkinson Support

Parkinson's disease (PD), or simply Parkinson's, is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system.

One of the question of Parkinson patients was, can I prolong the different stages of Parkinson and keep as long as possible a positive life style?

The science and our experience shows, that activities like communication, fitness sport, holidays and controlled structure of daily life can prolong the individual stages of Parkinson.

The training includes the necessary elements:

  • Understanding the body and the future
  • Motivation, working against Depression
  • Communication and exchange of ideas
  • Clear organisation structure (Daily plan)
  • Fitness
  • Stress moment measurement
  • Brain stimulante training

The basis of well-being lies in the progressive activities of the individual. 

More Balance - more safety!

Special Seminars, Training and Holidays

We are specialized to help and to support. That's the reason why we build specialized seminars in London. For holidays with sport and fitness feeling, we offer our Mallorca trip. The hotel and the swimming pool is prepared for you. Swimming pool entrance without stairs, appartements ground  floor and a medical/physio team on request. Perfect situation locally.

Enjoy, be active and relax!