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Ambitious Runner

Successful Training - our experience is your success!

After the running test and define the target of your targets, we will move forward with an individual training plan to your success. This include daily communication after your training, fine tuning of the training units and follow ups. Accompany to the competitions to motivate and help to be right.

Competition in Focus

Now we are preparing to reach your personal targets.

Important are:

  • to build a individual training plan
  • to improve your perfomance
  • to take care of your health
  • to build-up the core
  • to talk about running tactic in competition
  • to follow your instinct / listen to your body

The training will be between 4 and 6 days per week depends on your indivual target. You will get a training plan and it is necessary to have a Pulse Watch, recommend Polar Advantage M for runners and Polar Advantage V for triathlets.

On this base we can measure the stress moments in you body and write exactly weekly training plans to reach the top performance for the day of your race.