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Our Trainer Team

We want you to get ahead!

Our team:
Steven Benitez (Marshall Arts), Josh Krug (Sporthochschule Köln, University Mainz,), 
Dr. Britta Derbuch-Markovic (Specialist for Sport Medicine and Nutrition), Dr. Roland Burger (University Mainz) and several trainer in front of site.
Nathalie Bertrand, professional trainer in Yoga, Pilates, Hypropressive methods.

Sport analysis, motion analysis, holistic body preparation from orthopedic surgeon, sport medicine and graduate nutritionists consists of sport scienctists and running/triathlon trainers with practical experience from more than 70 marathons, Ironman finisher and Triathletes. A part of our athletes take part in the competitions Olympic, Triathlon World Cup (Ladies) or Ironman around the world.

The coaching staff have the expertise for intensive care of beginners, re-entrants, recreational athletes, but also competition-oriented ambitious runners and finisher. Special individual training and trainings plans for sport athletes, triathletes and professionals.

Our motto:

  • succinctly
  • clear and understandable 
  • theory and practice
  • individual training for the personal best (PB)

Training in small groups, individual performanceof participants adapted running groups. Individual attention and responding to the specific needs of each runners/triathletes is important to us.

We give you our versatile, practical and motivational tips and experiences.