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  • St. Mary's University

  • Richmond Park

  • Gym and Conference

  • Track Mallorca

  • Swim Hall Mallorca

  • Open Sea Mallorca

  • Aqua Pool Mallorca

Training Center

A successful training is based on the right mix of trainer, training center and accompanying nutrition program with the specialized team. Mallorca is our training center for runners, triathletes and Ironman. Maybe you can meet our professional athletes there.

We have  3 areas for your training:

  • St. Mary's University London
    • Technical training
    • Rehabilitation program
    • Nutrition program
    • Specific training
  • Richmond Park London
    • Performance training - Long,middle and short distances
    • Hill training
    • Cross Country training
    • Speed training
    • Bike training
  • Mallorca Center - Capdepera
    • Performance and Endurance training
    • Hill training
    • Cross Country training
    • Speed training on the track
    • Technical training on the track
    • Bike training (25km until 180km)
    • Swim training (25m lenght)