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From Advanced to Ambitiuos Runner

After the running test and define the target of your fitness ideas, we will move forward with an individual training plan.

Important are:

  • to have fun
  • improve the running style
  • understand the pulse training
  • build-up the muscle structure
  • join running and fitness groups

Now you can run 5k under 30 minutes, 10k with slow speed. The training based on the traget to run 10k under 50 minutes, starting with 60 minutes at the beginning. The first 10k races coming up and we will get the first experience on tactic running and PB (Personal Best Time).

The training plan will increase the performance and speed during different training units.

  • Slow run - 2 running styles
  • Interval Speed - different lenghts and anerob runs
  • Speed run - running with max 85% HR beats / 3 running styles
  • Long distance run under 65% HR max to build up the muscle structure
  • Gym Training and stretching to complete the body structure for more endurance

After 6 month you will reach your targets - running 10k under 50 minutes and your first Half-Marathon.  Now you can decide to be a fitness runner or you want to move forward to an ambitious runner.