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Run for Life

The targets of RunningSeminars are to give the runners an understanding of running tools. Running is not alone to run, It's a holistic body work and mental training. If you want to reach your personal target, you need a compostion of the right components(tools). We developed a specific Heart Rate Variablity (HRV) Training Progam(©), which measured the ability and stress moments in your body. This training program base on setting the individual marker to getting the healthy progress of your body.

This starts with the right holistic training plan:

1. Individual Fitness Check
2. Stress Moments Measurement
3. Orthopedic and Nutrition Check
4. Running Technique Check
5. Individual Training Plan

​Healthy Life

Why we need a long life fitness training?

The secret of your personal brain, body and mental fitness lays in the oxygen intake. The energy which we use every day for life burned out your body. Je older we get je longer we need recovery time. This depends on the oxygen deficit (U.A.) Regularly  fitness brings more oxygen in the brain and your muscles. The lunge and the heart will manage this overflow of oxygen. That's one of the reasons that the professonal athletes have less Heart Beats (40 beats a minute). The advantage for everybody will be - getting and feeling younger (get back up to 15 life years through higher cell production)

The recovery time of your body is less and the burnout rate for food is higher. 

The advantage is clear:

1. Higher oxygen flow - Higher Cell Production
2. Higher cell production - Keeps you younger and fitter
3. Higher burnout rate - Higher weight reduction
3. Constant training - Better body shape
4. Better muscle structure - more daily energy

Cardio trained people get back up 15 life years!