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Aqua Training and Rehabilitation

Also known as deep water running or aqua jogging, this is a non weight-bearing activity that consists of performing a running motion in the deep end of a swimming pool. The purpose is to optimize cardiovascular and muscular conditioning, while minimizing joint, bone, muscular, tendon and ligament stress. The forgiving, therapeutic qualities of water provide a safe, effective environment for exercise.

Aqua running offers a wide variety of benefits for:

  • Healthy runners/exercisers
  • Injured athletes/exercisers
  • Pre- and post-natal women
  • Arthritic patients
  • Parkinson and Stroke patients 
  • Overweight individuals
  • Fitness enthusiast.

Aqua Running Technique

The increased resistance of the water will highlight any mechanical and functional weaknesses the athlete may have in their running technique. This is especially true of imbalances in hip abduction/adduction, hip flexion/extension, and torso movement (abdominal/lower back), hamstring/quadriceps strength. For the most advanced deep water running practitioner, even calf/ankle can be analysed and corrected.

  • Foot placement
  • Hip position (in all three planes)
  • Hip/upper leg angle (at both ends of the range of motion)
  • Ankle angle (at both ends of the range of motion)
  • Knee angle (at both ends of the range of motion)
  • Mid-line displacement Arm position